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Playground Rock Boulder

Outdoor Playground Boulders bring all the excitement and natural beauty of climbing on real rock straight to a public playground or your home’s backyard. Playground Boulders are a brilliant way to combine the beauty and aesthetics of outdoor climbing and the simplicity and friendly texture, angles, and forms we find on indoor walls.

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Featured Playground Boulders

Playground Boulder Type B Playground Boulder Type A
Medium Boulder
Product#: Rock-B
Dim: 5’Wide X 6’Long X 4’ to 6 High
Small Boulder
Product#: Rock-A
Dim: 3’ Wide X 6’ Long X 3’ High
Playground Boulder Type D Playground Boulder Type C
Xtra Large Boulder
Product#: Rock-D
Dim: 8’ Wide X 12” Long X 8’ High
Large Boulder
Product#: Rock-C
Dim: 6’ Wide X 8’ Long X 6’ High